December, 2014

What’s Up

December 5
Parents’ Nite Out - 6:30pm-10:00pm
Fun night of crafts and friends. $35 for first child and $25 for sibs.
RSVP now if interested.

December 11
School Board Meeting - 6:00 pm

December 17
Classroom Christmas Parties - 11:30am
Please sign up in the classroom to bring something.

December 19
Christmas Program - 11:00am
Please have your child here by 10:30am dressed in their Sunday best.

December 19
Parents’ Nite Out - 6:30pm-10:00pm
$35 for first child and $25 for sibs.
RSVP by December 15.

December 24
School closed - Christmas Eve

December 25
School closed - Christmas Day

December 31
School closed - New Year’s Eve

January 1
School closed - New Year’s Day

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November, 2014

What’s Up

November 8
Eden Church Christmas Bazaar - 9:00am-12:00pm
An annual event held on Saturday morning in the Fellowship Hall at Eden Lutheran Church. Drop by for great Christmas gift deals. There are homemade jellies, quilts and other unique items.

November 13
Fingerprinting by Riverside Police Department
Visit from a motorcycle officer - 10:00 am
School Board Meeting - 6:00 pm

November 21
Thanksgiving Feast - 11:30am
Join us for lunch with the children, staff and families. Please sign up in the office to bring a food item. Let me know how many people will be attending.

November 27
School closed for Thanksgiving

November 28
School closed - Have a Blessed Holiday!

The weather is changing and it's getting colder. Please send your child in tennis shoes and with a jacket or sweatshirt so they can play outside. Please check your child's cubby for weather appropriate extra clothes.

October, 2014

What’s Up

October 8
Picture Day - Starts at 8:00am

October 16
Fingerprinting by Riverside Police Department
Visit from a motorcycle officer - 10:00 am
School Board Meeting - 6:00 pm

October 31
Trunk & Treat and Harvest Parties 10:00 am
Each family is required to bring a bag of candy, fruit snacks or stickers by October 27th.

Classroom Harvest Parties
- Please sign up in your child’s classroom to bring a special lunch item.

Trunk & Treat
- Volunteers needed to set up and run games out of their trunk.
- Please see Dar if you can help.

- Children can come in their costumes.
- Please provide a change of clothes for your child in a clearly marked bag so that we can send your child’s costume back in it.
- Do not send weapons, items that can be used as a weapon, items that can be swallowed or considered dangerous.
- Please no scary costumes, masks or costumes that restrict their vision.
If you have any questions or are able to help please contact me.

The Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery (located close to our school) will be having a Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser on Saturday, October 4, 2014. There will be pumpkins to take home as well as a bouncy house and games for $5.00 per child (parents are free). Please see the flyer in the office.

September, 2014

What’s Up

Welcome to our new families.
Welcome Back to our returning families.

September 1
School Closed for Labor Day

September 2
First Day of School

September 8
Fall Fundraiser starts
Shop Riverside Discount Cards

September 11
School Board Meeting 6:00pm

September 26
Back To School 5:30pm
Barbecue Fundraiser and Raffle

A re-enrollment fee of $80 will be added to your account as of September 2nd if you have not already paid it.

August, 2014

What’s Up

August 13
Jumper and snow cones

August 14
School Board Meeting 6:00pm

August 22
Water play day
Your child can wear their bathing suit under their clothes.
Bring labeled towel, water shoes and clothes to change into in a clearly labeled bag.
Please apply sunscreen to your child in the morning before bringing them to school.

August 28
School Closed for CPR training and Staff In-Service

August 29
School Closed for CPR training and Staff In-Service

It's time to re-register for school. $60.00 for the curriculum fee and $20.00 for disaster preparedness is required annually. These fees are due by September 3rd, 2014. Newly enrolled children may be exempt-please see Dar.

Eden Lutheran School Event Calendars for 2014-2015 are available in the school office if you have not received one yet.

Coming in September:
The school is closed on Sept.1st for Labor Day.
The first day of school for 2014-2015 is September 2, 2014

July, 2014

What’s Up

July 4
School Closed
Church Celebration 5:00pm
- Free hamburgers and hot dogs, just bring a salad to share.
- Bingo: Please donate $10 in gift cards to play.
- Bring lawn chairs and enjoy the fireworks at 9:00pm.
- Free parking passes are required and are available in the church office. Phone: 951- 684-3336 or see Dar

July 10
School Board Meeting 6:00pm

July 16
Jumper/Playhouse and snow cones

July 25
Water play day. Children need a swim suit, water shoes and a towel. They can wear their swim suit to school. Bring extra clothes in a clearly labeled bag. Please sunscreen your child before bringing them to school.

It’s getting hot, so here are a few warm weather reminders.
- Please provide a clearly labeled bottle of sunscreen for your child. All sunscreen must be the clear spray-on type.
- Please apply sunscreen to our child each morning and we will reapply when needed.
- If desired you can bring a clearly labeled water bottle for your child. Children in Nettie’s room must have sippy cups instead of water bottles. It will be kept in your child’s cubby.
- Children can not wear flip flops to school. All sandals and water shoes must have a back strap.

June, 2014

What’s Up

June 7
Church Rummage Sale 8:00am - 12:00pm
If you would like to donate anything to this event please bring your items to the Fellowship Hall June 2-6.

June 12
School Board Meeting 6:00pm

June 20
Pre-Kindergarten Graduation 11:00am
This program will only involve the Pre-Kindergarten class (Mrs. Doris’s Raccoon Class). Please have your Pre-Ker dressed in their Sunday best and here by 10:30am. Family and friends are welcome.

A few summertime reminders:
-Please bring spray-on, clear sunscreen with your child’s name clearly marked on it.
-Flip-flops are not allowed. All sandals must have back straps and no heel.
-Please check your child’s supply of extra clothes and make sure there are plenty and they are weather appropriate.
-If you bring a water bottle for your child, please clearly label the bottle. Ms. Nettie’s class can bring clearly labeled sippy cups, no water bottles with small cap are allowed in this room.

May, 2014

What’s Up

Trike-a-thon sponsor sheets are available. Please collect sponsor pledges for your child. Your support is needed and appreciated.

May 1
National Day of Prayer

May 5-9
Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8
School Board Meeting 6:00pm

May 9
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. Please sign up to bring your specialty!

May 12
Return pictures or payment for pictures to the school office.

May 14
Dr. Shelia Tibbit, a local dentist, will visit at 10:00am to talk about dental health and care.

May 16
Trike-a-thon 10:00am
Please see flyer for details - the pledge form is on the back

May 26
School closed for Memorial Day
Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

May 30
All Trike-a-thon pledges are due. Thank you for your support!

April, 2014

What’s Up

April 2
Riverside Police Officer Neely Santos will come by in her police car to talk to the children about stranger danger and other important things.

April 9 (starting at 8:00am)
Spring pictures
The Pre-kindergarten class will also be taking their Cap and Gown photos.

April 10
School Board Meeting 6:00pm

April 16
Annual sack lunch picnic and Easter Egg Hunt
Each child is required to bring a sack lunch from home.
Please sign up in the office to bring something for the egg hunt.

April 18
School closed for Good Friday
Have a great Easter weekend!

There is a late fee of $2.00 per minute for children picked up after their designated time -12:30pm or 6:00pm

March, 2014

What’s Up

March 3-7
Scholastic Book Fair
Please come and look around in the school office.

March 7
Grandparents’ Day 10:00-11:00am
Please let Dar know how many people will attend by March 5, 2014.

March 13
School Board Meeting 6:00pm

March 17
Green Eggs and Ham Lunch Day
We hope to catch a Leprechaun this year.

February, 2014

What’s Up

February 1
Fire Department Demonstration 9:00am

February 13
School Board Meeting 6:00pm
The School Board consists of volunteers from the church, Pastor Linda, the Director and two preschool parent representatives. These two people must be parents or grandparents of children enrolled in our preschool. Their purpose on the board is to represent the parents and children of Eden Lutheran School. The school board meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend. The current parent representatives are Amy Clark, Adam Clark’s mom and Pastor Jan Womer, Logan and Amberlin’s grandfather. If you would like to contact them please see Dar for their contact info.

February 14
Class Valentine Lunch Parties
Please sign up in your child’s room to bring a lunch item. Remember to check your child’s cubby and classroom information board for any special instructions from the teacher.

February 17
School closed for Presidents’ Day.
Have a great long weekend!

January, 2014

What’s Up

January 1
Closed for New Year’s Day

January 9
School Board Meeting 6:00pm

January 11
Eden Lutheran Church E-cycling Event 9:00am-2:00pm

January 13-14
Free vision screening donated by the Elks. Please complete the required paperwork and place it on Dar’s desk before the test day. Parents or guardians must also sign in on a special Elks sheet the morning of the test. Starts at 9:00am.

January 20
School closed for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.
Have a great weekend!

- Please label all jackets and sweaters (do NOT send hoodies with drawstrings)
- Check your child’s cubby for weather appropriate extra clothes and clean bedding (all items must be clearly labeled)
- Tuition is due by the first of each month. A late fee will be attached to any account not paid by the 16th.