June, 2016

What’s Up

June 4
Church Rummage Sale 8:00am-12:00noon
If you would like to donate anything to this event please bring your items to the Fellowship Hall through June 3rd.

June 16
School Board Meeting 6:00pm
At this time the Eden Lutheran School Board is looking for a parent or grandparent to be a representative. Please see Dar for details if you are interested.

June 17
Pre-Kindergarten Graduation 11:00am
This program will only involve the Pre-Kindergarten class (Ms. Vicki's Raccoon Class). Please have your Pre-Ker dressed in their Sunday best and here by 10:30am. Family and friends are welcome.
Summertime reminders:
-Eden is a year-round preschool, so all of our students can remain enrolled throughout the summer. This includes the children that will graduate on June 17, 2016.
-A written two week notice from the parent is required to drop your child from our enrollment or use vacation credit.
-Flip-flops are not allowed. All sandals must have back straps and no heel.
-Please bring spray-on-clear sunscreen with your child's name clearly marked on it.
-Please check your child's supply of extra clothes and make sure there are plenty and they are weather appropriate.

FYI: In order to control unwanted pests inside the classrooms, kitchen and outside areas of our facility we employ Lloyd Pest Control. These areas are treated June 21, 2016 in the evening while they are unoccupied. Please feel free to check the parent board in the school office for a list of chemicals used and other information regarding this matter.